Blackout Poetry

In my AT group one of my peers, Stephen Mostek, said something very powerful about revolution when we were studying On Photography. With a picture, it is impossible to know the context of the moments around that moment, and so you can frame it however you like. He showed us a picture of someone holding a ripped quiet hours sign and then told us that person wasn’t the one who had ripped the sign. This made me think about what happens when anything is taken out of context, you can almost entirely change the meaning. I was inspired to create blackout poetry from the Lapham text in order to frame the passages how I wanted and change the meaning of the words by taking them all out of context.

marriage is love but love really ends Like slaughter
I lingered before a companion certain they had changed Her voice more bitter my heart Yet resigned utterly Enchanted
quietly stood upon the suffering did I notice the many
grew in a candle Lowered to a rose
pictures work in a foreign way. a record of history of course, developed but failed in a world of motion
private sacrifice deeper to him while cruel but good